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Ethiopian Great Run

 Ethiopia with its diversity appreciates the grate outdoors, visitor has not only a chance to visit the wonderful attraction but also; they can make different activities according to their interested, here under some of the activities can be done while you are visiting Ethiopia …

WALKING AND TREKKING : Ethiopia known as “roof of Africa” holds most of the evaluated land of Africa has a grate opportunity for the people how are interesting hiking and trekking, the beautiful Mountains the dramatic terrain make Ethiopian incomparable hiking country. Either on the Semien Mountain which has stunning view from its escarpment, to the vast moorlands of Bale Mountain, community based trekking to the country side like in Laibella.

 MOUNTAIN CLIMBING : Ethiopia as a ragged mountains century has an opportunity to triumph over demanding peak and crags, climb on the mountain terrain of Simien Mountain and Bale Plateau, Getting your own Equipments is recommended during your visit to Ethiopia.

 CAVEING : Exploring the limestone, crag, underground caves and caverns with local guides is a grate activity around Dire Dawa near to Harar, also there is a limestone cave called Sof Omar; in this cave there are over fifteen kilometers of associated passages, which require skill, time and special equipments for full exploration.

 FISHING : A huge amount of water body in Ethiopia crate an opportunity for fishing, the chain lake of Rift Valley, Numbers Rivers and other highland lakes like Lake Tana offer a chance for fishing .

 RIDING/PONY TREKKING : Houses and Mules play an important role in Ethiopian daily life, specially in such rugged landscape the contribution of Houses and Mules is very grate; riding or trekking with pony allows visitors to get to area even 4WD can not reach.

 CAMPING : camping is Ethiopia often used in the remote areas of the country, mostly it is safe to stay in camping but it is better to ask which advise form local people, Pharez Ethiopia Tours provide igloo singe or double tents for the camping nights, but clients always must bring their own sleeping bag for the camping nights .

 SWIMMING : Opportunities for swimming are bounteous in Ethiopia. Apart from pools at standard hotels there are some lakes which is free from bilharzias also some resorts are set aside for swimming around this lakes, from this the very famous one is Lake Langano, Shalla, also there are some pools are crated by the hot natural springs like Sodre Resort, and Awash National park Hot spring.

 WATER SPORTS : Ethiopia as the water tower of Africa has an opportunity for water sport, like windsurfers and water-skiers is popular in Lake Langano and white water rafting can be experienced on the Omo River and Blue Nile River.

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