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Ethiopian Great Run
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Ethiopia is old as one can imagine as its history and culture goes back to the 3000 year ago, even to the early human evolution as Ethiopia is the cradle of human kind, which goes back to 3.5 million to our ancestor “Lucy” or “Dinkinesh” which was found in 1974 on the eastern part of the country.

Ethiopia is a country with its fabulous three thousand years history. This history has left an incomparable heritage of art and antiquities. Its striking mountains, magnificent crater lakes, the Grate Rift valley system with its lined lakes, characterized by fabulous aquatic life, Omo valley with its numerous ethnic groups with drivers culture and traditions, and a number of National parks with stunning view, incomparable history that makes Ethiopia astonishing country.

The population of Ethiopia is about 75 Millions without dispute, composed of people with the most diverse and the most colorful, ethnic backgrounds. Starting with the oldest known inhabitants if the Hamitic (Cushitic) stock related to the Berbers of the North Africa and ancient people from all over the Middle East, Therefore; Ethiopia has one of the most colorful people to be found in the world.

Ethiopia is the only few country in Africa; which never lose its sovereignty, and it’s in the only country by having its own written language, and divers ethnic system with 83 language which dialect to 200. Pharez Travel wants to be your Guide while you are discovers this wonderful country. Our mission is to give you utmost service by providing competitive price.

Ethiopia is one of the most beautiful and attractive countries under African skies; a destination with a variety of fascinating scenery to show off. It is a very popular tourist destination because of its:

      • geographical structure;
      • unique collection of wild animals, bird and plant life (being a land of extreme endemism);
      • ancient historical background, with matchless reveal of ancient relics;
      • and different nationalities with their different languages, culture, living in harmony.


Ethiopia is located in the North Eastern part of Africa, bounded North East by Eritrea and Djibouti, East and South East by Somalia, South West by Kenya, and West and North West by Sudan. It is known as the roof of Africa, thanks to the Semien (Northern) and South Eastern extended mountain ranges with associated plateaus. The average elevation of the plateau is about 1680m, and the highest mountain- Ras Dashen- is 4620m.

Ethiopia is also seen as the water tower of East Africa, being host to enormous water bodies, rift valley and highland lakes, and long traveling rivers. The river Abay, which becomes the Blue Nile river after joining the White Nile river in Sudan, is located in this country.

Ethiopia covers an area of 1,133,380 km 2. The Great Rift Valley splits Ethiopia’s land features into the North Eastern highlands and South Western highlands, causing lowlands due to the drift from the South West to the North East. The climate of Ethiopia varies mainly according to elevation above the sea level. The principal rainy season occurs between mid June and September, followed by a dry season that may be interrupted in February or March by a short rainy season.

Being most favored by nature’s generosity, this can only be an attempt to describe Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journey Travel will help you explore, learn, discover and enjoy yourself. Together, we will unravel Ethiopia’s beautiful, ever-precious secrets.
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