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Tigray Rock Hewn Churches
From the time of Axum Zion church until now Tigray Region hosts a number of Ethiopian Orthodox churches, from the most numerous cluster of churches, a group around 30, is carved out from the rocky faces of the mountains in the Gerhalta area. Most of the churches are very easily accessible from main roads but some of churches need light trekking. Most of the Rock hewn churches are located on the main road from Mekele to Addisgrat and It is believed that the churches are predated from the churches of Laibella.

Not far form main road visitors can find many Tigray Rock hewn churches like, Wokiro cherkos in the Town of Wokro, 15KM off-road from Wokro there is also a church of Abreha-we-Astbeha, and not fare from Mekele Adisgrat Road you will find the church of Sinkata and Teka Tesfai, but to visit the Group Gheralta clusters you need more days since some the churches are not reach by car you need to make some hiking.

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